Review + Giveaway: Hollywood & Vine by Olivia Evans

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Review + Giveaway: Hollywood & Vine by Olivia Evans

Hollywood & Vine Review + Giveaway: Hollywood & Vine by Olivia Evansby Olivia Evans
on December 15, 2014
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Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 399

In the land of Hollywood, bright lights cover lies, truths hide in shadows, and the lives of the rich and famous are illusions created by smoke and mirrors.

When costume designer Josie Bane first lays eyes on Anders Ellis, she hates him instantly. Conceited and arrogant, he's the epitome of a Hollywood playboy. So it’s much to Josie’s dismay when he becomes the star of her sexual fantasies.

Never expecting to see him again, she gives in to her desires for a night she’ll never forget. However, Josie soon learns that life is full of surprises. When their paths cross again, sparks fly. With three little words, Anders changes everything.

He’s after one thing.

She refuses to give it to him... again.

When Josie realizes she’s falling for a man that will never let her in but refuses to let her go, she must decide if the risk is worth the reward.

With a relationship shrouded in secrets and outside forces poised to tear them apart, did they ever stand a chance? Before the smoke clears and the curtain falls, Josie and Anders must distinguish between what’s fact and what’s fiction in a place where the truth is never black and white.

Guest Post from the Author

1. When did you know you wanted to become a writer?

To be honest, it’s a fairly recent discovery. I’ve always enjoyed writing songs and poems, but until the last couple of years I hadn’t written anything since high school. When I started toying with multi-chapter stories it became an outlet for me. There’s so much craziness and nonsense that goes through my head on any given day, it’s nice to be able to get it out. The problem was for every idea I’d turn into a story, there would be five more to replace it. I thought I’d eventually tap out, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. After a lot of encouragement from friends and family, I decided to give publishing a real shot. I’m nervous, actually I’m kind of terrified, about how Hollywood & Vine will be received, but not trying wasn’t an option. Hopefully I won’t be crying into a bottle of wine any time soon and I’ll be able to continue putting my thoughts on paper.

 2. Why fanfic?

It just kind of happened. I was (still am) a huge fan of fan fiction. I started reading several years ago and became friends with the author of a story I was reading. One day the two of us were chatting and I asked her to write about a group of crazy teenagers living in the south and getting into all sorts of mischief. She agreed, but only if we wrote it together. That was how it all started. The rest is history.

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For some reason I seem to gravitate toward Hollywood romances. I’m not sure why because I do not follow celebrities in real life. Maybe it’s because in a book they seem more like real, average people and not a bigger than life personality.Hollywood & Vine does just that. This book takes you on the journey of Anders, actor and Tinseltown’s ultimate playboy, and Josie, a costume designer. THESE TWO PEOPLE take banter to a whole new level with their epic verbal showdowns. I think lovable asshole describes Anders pretty well, and Josie has more sass than he knows what to do with.

“I’m so close to junk punching you and telling you to fuck off for good.” -Josie

After the prologue and the way this book begins I thought it was going to be shallow. Up until around 20% this book seemed very superficial to me – only about the hanky panky. However, the author turns all of that around into an emotional and angsty ride for both the characters and the readers. I liked how much Anders worked to show Josie he could be a faithful and deserving man to her.

“I’m not worthy. I’m an asshole. I’m a frog. But Josie, for you, I want to be more. Whatever you want, I’ll give it to you.” -Anders

I enjoyed this book. This new author did a great job bringing this story to life with conflict, heartbreak, and redemption. It was fun picturing some of my favorite actors in Anders’ shoes, and maybe myself in Josie’s place. 😉 I definitely want to read more from Ms. Evans in the future, and hopefully, she’ll write about some of the secondary characters from Hollywood & Vine.

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About Olivia Evans

Olivia Evans is a dreamer by day, writer by night. She’s obsessed with music and loves discovering new bands. Traveling the world and watching the sun set in every time zone sounds like heaven to her. A true Gemini, she follows her heart blindly and lives life to the fullest with her husband, son, and friends. Her other loves are: Chuck Taylors, Doc Martens, concert tees, gangster movies, sports, wine, craft beer and her shih tzu’s.



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