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Posted August 26, 2013 by Erin in Reviews / 0 Comments

My first day as a blogger went well. I hope to keep this true to myself, and not worry what people might say. I will review books.Not every book I read, but the ones i really like. I will post random stuff like music or whatever i find entertaining. I’m not out to gain anything more than a sense of community from people who enjoy the same stuff I do. Now let me warn you if you are the grammar police. This might not be the blog for you. Because I suck at all things grammar and whatever else I was suppose to learn in English 101!!! I will continue to research to figure this world of blogging out. As I get older i realize I need to start living outside the box. So as I’m stuck home most my days with the kids this is the route i chose. Thanks for listening and goodnight!!!



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