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Genres: Contemporary, Romance

Do you need to love someone to be happy? Does happiness mean a fairy tale ending?

Caden Riley challenged me from the first moment I met him. It was more than his good looks or his fame as a photographer that drew me to him. He offered me things that I never knew I wanted, and didn’t demand more than I was willing to give.

Was I happy? I’m not sure. Happiness is an emotion I’m unfamiliar with. But I finally knew what it felt like to experience real passion. To let go of all my inhibitions and surrender to my desires. It was enough for me, because it was more than I ever expected.

Until Caden tempted me with possibilities. The possibility of a future; the possibility of a life I never imagined; the possibility of heartbreak and never hearing the words "I love you."

Love is a funny thing. It can make you feel like the world is yours to conquer. It can also bring you to your knees. I’m not sure which is my fate


This book was one of my favorites for sure. It had good angst, great romance and was H.O.T

“I know that he can seem insensitive sometimes, cold even, but it’s usually the softest heart that have the hardest shells.”― S.H. Kolee, Fated    

What book would you pick for throwback Tursday? Leave us a message with your #tbt fav!!

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