Series: Caroline & West

Audiobook Reviews: Deeper & Harder by Robin York

by Robin York Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance Source: Audiobook Series Review I can’t even express how surprised I am by these two audiobooks. I was not expecting to love them so much. The author hit an out of the park homerun with these two characters (Caroline and West) that she created, and her writing was excellent. So impressed! “I want you, and I don’t know how to stop wanting you. I want to get deep inside you, and then deeper, until I’m so deep I don’t even know what’s me anymore and what’s you.” If you follow my reviews and the books I read, then you may have noticed I very rarely read college new adult romances anymore. I really got burnt out on the tropes of the genre. However, these books felt fresh to me even though it’s a story about a rich girl and a boy from […]

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