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Unspoken Review – Unspoken by Brenda Rotherton October 19, 2014

I love a good second chance romance, and was so excited to discover that Brenda Rothert had written one. I really wanted to love this book, but it just didn’t work for me. Unspoken absolutely had the potential to be an amazing read. I was initially so intrigued, but once I got into the story, I was continuously frustrated with the immaturity of the hero Brady, in particular, and the silly decision making by both Palmer (the heroine) and Brady.

Palmer and Brady are engaged to be married when Palmer’s mother becomes seriously ill. Palmer decides to take it upon herself to step up and take care of her mother, along with taking over the care of her disabled younger brother. When Palmer and Brady sit down to discuss this, along with their future, their engagement ends due to their serious lack of communication, and Brady basically thinking the worst of his potential life partner. This whole argument just baffled me. Brady continued to baffle me with his selfish and rude thoughts. Palmer wasn’t perfect, but she certainly didn’t deserve what Brady dished out to her.

Nearly a year after their break up, the two meet again on a job site. Brady is building his friend’s dream home, and Palmer is hired to work as the interior designer for the home. Their initial reunion is less than pleasant, but fairly quickly the two give in to the feelings they still have for each other. It definitely isn’t an easy path these two take, as there are still too many hurt feelings and roadblocks in their way.

While I was super frustrated with the lack of communication between Palmer and Brady, there were many moments that I still really enjoyed. I was happy with the way everything came together, but there were just too many difficult moments that kept me from loving it overall.



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    • Sarah

      Thanks Lucia! You’re right, the cover is beautiful! The book just didn’t live up to it. I’m seeing some good buzz about her new book Deep Down, so I’ll be giving her another shot soon.

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