Review of ‘All of You’ by Christina Lee

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Review of ‘All of You’ by Christina Lee

3.5 stars!

All of You’s book blurb had me immediately at virgin, tattooed neighbor!  Who doesn’t love the sound of that?!

Avery and Bennett come from very similar backgrounds; they both grew up in a house with very absentee, single mothers who had continuously horrible relationships with men.  Their mothers’ relationship drama made a serious impact on each of them, but in completely different ways.  Avery is very much against commitment.  She just wants a man for the pleasure, and for a one time only arrangement.  Bennett is the exact opposite.  He’s waiting for ‘the one.’

After Avery and Bennett have a chance meeting at a college frat party, they discover the next day that they will also be neighbors.  Their relationship slowly progresses from neighbors, to friends, and then to something more.  Their views on commitment and relationships make them hit many roadblocks, but neither one can resist their pull to each other.  This story wasn’t overly angsty, but definitely had some emotional and sexual drama.  The sex scenes were hot!

As this author’s debut book, I enjoyed it!  It wasn’t necessarily the most unique storyline, but it was enough to keep me entertained and turning the pages.  We also meet a few of Avery and Bennett’s friends, who we will learn more about in the next books in the series.  I look getting to know them better!



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