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Girl Code Review: GIRL CODE by LD Davisby LD Davis
on October 25th 2014
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Genres: Contemporary, Romance

When Tabitha and her best friend Leslie were young, they made a pact to never get involved with the same guy. That wasn’t a problem for Tabitha, especially as far as Leo Pesciano was concerned. Tabitha hated the guy. It didn’t matter that he was good looking and all of the other girls drooled over him, and Leslie had a big crush on him. He was obnoxious and loved to rile Tabitha up; but when she is faced with life-altering challenges, Leo becomes her protector and her friend. There is a strong chemistry between them that Tabitha tries very hard to ignore, but Leo doesn’t make it easy. After an explosive end to their friendship during their college years, more than nine years later they are reunited and Tabitha is again resistant to the attraction she feels to Leo. Time, distance, and new lives have come between Leslie and Tabitha over the years, and they rarely speak or see each other, but Tabitha holds strong to the girl code they created when they were children. Her loyalty to her old friend is admirable, but will this same loyalty destroy her chances of a happily ever after?(

LD Davis is my go to, when I need some angst. She did not skimp with Girl Code! I was up til the wee early morning hours reading. I CAN’T PUT THEM DOWN!!

Leo and Tabitha have been friends since they were kids. Leo once, dated her friend Lesile. Tabitha always had a secret crush on Leo, but made a pact with Lesile to never break the “Girl Code”. I was cursing that stupid code, most of the book. It kind of made me crazy, how true Tabitha stayed to this code. After a major falling out between Leo and Tabitha they spend years apart. Once they finally reunite, she still fights her feelings. To be honest I wanted to strangle her a bit. The reason behind fighting him on his feelings, was really immature. But once things started to click, I felt better. Now don’t think Leo is perfect in this scenario. He makes some major mistakes in their story.

If you are a fan of LD Davis and love a angsty, steamy, second chance romance, then this book is for you!


About LD Davis

L.D. Davis is a New York Times bestselling author. A 30 something mother, wife, friend, writer, with a half cup of awesome. Just a half cup, though. Her debut novel Accidentally on Purpose was an Amazon best selling novel that landed on the New York Times 3 months after its release.

L.D. Davis is Author of: Accidentally on Purpose, Worthy of Redemption, Worth the Fight, Pieces Of Rhys and Tethered (March 2014)



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