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Still Life with Strings by L.H. Cosway

4.5 stars! This was such a beautifully original book. It was a slow burning story about fate, redemption, romance, and love. The storytelling is so unique and vivid and written so fluidly, it was almost dreamlike at times.

“I think I might have dreamt you.”

Jade is a recovering alcoholic with a troubled past and is working as a street performer/bartender to support herself and her family. She is full and life, willing to take risks but doesn’t do relationships. I loved that she was strong, witty, and straight forward but also so very vulnerable. There is also something about Shane that makes her want to take a new kind of risk…a risk of the heart.

“Is it even possible for a girl this scarred to fix a broken boy?”

Shane is a musical prodigy. He has been sheltered his whole life and playing the violin is his only escape. He’s alive but not really living. He’s adorably shy but sexily confident and Jade brings something out of him that makes him feel more alive. He’s so lonely and a bit lost and just wants to LIVE again.

“You live in the real world Jade and you don’t know how despite I am to join you.”

Their chemistry ignites right from the start but burns slow throughout. The attraction and pull is there for both of them but fears and responsibilities hold them back. Jade and Shane’s journey also has a few special twists and turns that is undeniably poetic and magical.

This book is sensual and sexy but it’s also moving and deeply beautiful. It must be said that the writing was my favorite part though because it has such great depth and is so visual and uniquely unconventional.

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