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Slide Review for Slide four-half-stars
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Slide by Garrett Leigh

I must first say that the writing in this book blew me away! There was something so gentle and absorbing and real about the way it was written and I was hooked from the very beginning. That’s not to say this isn’t an angsty and emotional book because it very much is! It pulled on my heartstrings, made me laugh, made me angry, and had me falling in love.

“I wanted to wrap my bones around him and never let go.”

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The main characters in this book, Ash and Pete, are just wonderful!! Pete is a paramedic for the CFD. He is a no-nonsense kind a guy with an abundance of patience. He’s a protector, he’s caring and he finds something in Ash that he’s drawn to.

“His eyes blazed at me, but it was the best kind of heat. He smiled, and for the first time in my life I believed that, for him, I could be more than I’d ever dreamed.”

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Ash is a skilled artist with a very broken past. He was beautifully imperfect and had a blend of vulnerability and strength that you just couldn’t help but love. Pete had the perfect kind of warmth and temperament to slowly break down his barriers and get Ash to settle and open up.

But sweet, broken Ash still has one hell of a journey and his past demons and mental health are hard battle to fight. And Pete’s demanding job and continued strength and support for Ash began to wear Pete down. When work schedules, temperaments, misunderstandings and miscommunications come into play the shit hits the fan and the love these boys share is tested. It’s heartbreaking, it’s frustrating, it’s horrific, and it’s simply… beautiful. How far will Pete go to bring Ash out of the depth’s of hell? And will Ash be strong enough to make it to the other side?

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