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Her Master’s Courtesan by Lily White

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story DID NOT leave me disappointed and is most definitely how a dark tale should be told. It was also written very well! Let me just say though…it is DARK!!!! I would classify it as dark erotica and a psychological thriller rolled into one. It is disturbing, violent, chilling and all consuming. A story of being stripped of your identity and being “re-born” as someone or something else. Aiden is not a nice man. He trains slaves/Courtesans for a secret society of wealthy men who want sub’s. Aiden is the anti-hero and is cruel, manipulative, calculated, sexy, and super intense. He makes absolutely no apologies for who he is. Money and power is his main goal and nothing, not even emotions, will get in his way.

“I didn’t want emotion – I wanted to fuck. I enjoyed the power, the dominance and most of all the money that came with doing what I do.”

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His training “techniques” are cringe worthy and disgusting, training women to be used for one purpose only… to be mindless, obedient whores for their masters. He begins to strip Rebecca of who she was to re-build her again to who he wants her to be, but she is not that easily broken. Her body may be submissive to him but her mind is much stronger.

“He’d taken my freedom, my choice and my life without my permission and then asked me to appreciate him for food and a roof over my head?”

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They also begin to discover things about themselves and each other that could change the game completely. So, who will win in this mindfuck game of life they are playing? Will Rebecca’s mind be able to handle Aiden’s abuse or will he break her completely? What will Aiden do when faced with his biggest challenge?

“Am I a bastard for what I’ve done? Yes. Do I care? No.”

This book took me on one hell of a twisted journey and even, at times, had me questioning my own sanity. The mind of a monster is a powerful thing. Remember, this is not a love story or a fairy tale. This is dark and depraved…and all sorts of wonderful!! 😉

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