Review, Excerpt + Giveaways: Playing Dirty by Tiffany Snow

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Review, Excerpt + Giveaways: Playing Dirty by Tiffany Snow

Playing Dirty (Risky Business, #2) Review, Excerpt + Giveaways: Playing Dirty by Tiffany Snowby Tiffany Snow
on September 29th 2015
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Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Series: Risky Business #2
Source: ARC via publisher
Pages: 336

Faced with a choice between bad-boy detective Dean Ryker and sexy power player Parker Anderson, Sage Reece fought the law--and the law won. But while Ryker's sizzling touch may rule her nights, Sage's days belong to Parker's cool, calculating intensity. . . .
Both Ryker and Parker are determined to protect Sage from a brutal enemy who'd use her to pay for their mistakes. Yet when the usually on-point Ryker is distracted by ghosts from his past, Parker seizes his opportunity to get Sage's attention--and keep it in ways beyond her wildest dreams.
Now, caught between a mobster out for revenge and two men who were once best friends, Sage must play to win--even if it means getting dirty. . . .


Another boat was docked next to ours and I glanced over to the deck. A man stood opposite us, maybe thirty or forty feet away. He had on an unbuttoned white shirt that blew in the wind and his dark hair ruffled with the breeze. He was striking, a charisma about him drawing my eye as Ryker pressed kisses to my bare shoulder. Then he turned, and though he wore sunglasses, I knew he was looking at me, and I realized why he looked so familiar.

It was Parker.

His chest was deliciously bare and showing the six-pack of muscles usually hidden underneath his suits. The loose-fitting linen pants he wore hit low on his lean hips. He was holding a glass of white wine, and once he saw me, he froze. I wondered if he knew who I was. Probably not, not at this distance with my hair tousled by the wind and wearing sunglasses. No doubt the bikini had caught his eye—he was a man, after all.

But then he dipped his head, just a little, just enough that it couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than an acknowledgment. He took a drink of the wine, still looking my way.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Ryker’s growl forced my gaze away from Parker.

“Out on his boat,” I said. “Just like us.” I’d forgotten about the bill, deducted from Parker’s account every month, for docking his boat here. I’d never seen his boat before, though I’d known he had one.

“I don’t like how he’s looking at you.” Ryker’s arms pulled me further back into him.

“He’s looking at us,” I said mildly. “And may I remind you that I’m his assistant. He looks at me every day.”

“Not wearing that bikini, he doesn.t”

I was distracted from the argument by someone else on Parker’s boat. A woman. She’d just come up the steps from the cabin below

She was tall and lean—Victoria’s Secret model type lean—with long, dark hair and sporting oversize designer sunglasses. Wearing a black bikini that made mine look like a modest vintage piece, she strutted up to Parker, blocking my view of him. She slid her hands around his waist and tipped her head up. The three-inch heels she wore put her only slightly shorter than him. I saw his lips tilt in a half-smile, then he kissed her.


Good for him. Really.




Playing Dirty picks up four months after Power Play. Sage and Ryker have been dating and growing closer everyday. Sage holds Ryker at arms length even though he is a wonderful boyfriend and great husband material. She is still working as an assistant to Parker, her boss, secret crush, and Ryker’s former best friend and now arch nemesis.

I enjoyed the fast pace of this book that I have come to expect from Ms. Snow. There was lots of action and suspense mixed in with the love triangle of Ryker, Sage, and Parker. I really was rooting for Ryker at the end of Power Play, but now I am so torn between the two men. Ryker made his feelings crystal clear in an alpha-male way in the first book and Parker was wishy washy. This time around, Ryker kinda frustrated me. I wanted to see more of his bossy side, and we just didn’t get as much of that. Parker was more of the aggressive male on this book. I really, really enjoyed the tension between him and Sage. It gave me butterflies in my stomach when they would interact or when the jealousy would spike but neither would admit it.

I have to confess, I did get a little annoyed with Sage. She had all kinds of near-death experiences and all she could think about was feeling torn and her attraction of the gorgeous men. I thought she should have felt more fear, more something about the scary situations that nearly killed her.

The Risky Business series is so much fun to read, and book #1 is my favorite so far. I can’t wait to find out what is going to happen in the next book. How in the world is Sage going to be able to just pick one of these sexy guys?

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About Tiffany Snow

I love to stick with characters over a series of books when I read, which is the same way I write. The Kathleen Turner Series, Risky Business Series, Tangled Ivy Trilogy, and now the Corrupted Hearts Series all feature continuing characters. My latest novel, FOLLOW ME, is book one in the Corrupted Hearts Series with China Mack–the most unlikely of heroines. BREAK ME, book two, will be out in March, 2017.

As for me, I’ve been reading romance novels since I was way too young to read such things, have an unhealthy obsession for all things Doctor Who, prefer Pepsi to Coke and Absolut to both, think men who drink girly cocktails are wusses, have learned to never stop believing in my beloved St. Louis Cardinals, and can recite the entire scripts of When Harry Met Sally and Apollo 13. George Washington is cool, Bon Jovi still rocks the house, and Bruce Willis is the ultimate alpha-male hero. Most of all, romance never, ever gets old.



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