Review – Broken Juliet by Leisa Rayven

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Broken Juliet Review – Broken Juliet by Leisa Rayvenon April 26, 2015

4.5 stars!

As Broken Juliet was one of my most anticipated books so far this year, I was beyond excited to finally get my hands on it! It was absolutely worth the wait.

I loved this second book in the Starcrossed series so much! One of my favorite parts of this book was seeing Ethan’s growth, and really getting inside his head. When we left him in Bad Romeo, he was a man cursed with serious abandonment issues and self sabatoge. Three years after destroying Cassie and breaking her heart, it was Ethan’s turn to have patience with her as she worked through her relationship and trust issues. His patience and understanding truly knew no bounds. Cassie continued to be her relatable, open and honest self, but because of her extreme heartache had become raw and unable to open herself back up to love. I’m so happy she made Ethan work for a third chance. Her reservations were justified, and made each moment that they grew closer even sweeter and more special. Cassie and Ethan had such real flaws, and I loved them more because of it.

The sexual tension between Cassie and Ethan was off the charts. These two had such crazy chemistry and raw passion, they burned every time they were anywhere near each other.

Once again, I really enjoyed the past and present alternating chapters. Seeing the struggles, joy and heartache at both times in their lives was such a great way to layer the story. Learning more of their past gave so much more depth to Ethan and Cassie’s present story.

And it must be said….THAT MOMENT….that moment was perfection. I’m getting butterflies just thinking about it again! I’ll be re-reading it again very soon!

Ethan and Cassie’s journey was a long, heartbreaking, yet hopeful one, and I enjoyed every word of it. I’m such a huge Leisa Rayven fan, and can’t wait for the next installment in the Starcrossed series.



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