Release Blitz+Giveaway: LADY LUCK by Kristen Ashley

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Release Blitz+Giveaway: LADY LUCK by Kristen Ashley

Lady Luck Release Blitz+Giveaway: LADY LUCK by Kristen Ashleyby Kristen Ashley
on 2012-12-11
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Women, Erotica, Fiction, Romance, Suspense
Pages: 400
Is love in the cards?
Since birth, Lexie Berry has had nothing but bad luck. Orphaned at an early age, she had a rough childhood and a boyfriend who was murdered. Now the beautiful, stylish Lexie is determined to change her luck and her life. But first she's got to make good on a promise: to pick up Ty Walker from prison. One look at the gorgeous ex-convict and Lexie knows she's in trouble-and already thinking about taking a walk on the wild side . . .

For five years, Ty was imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. Now he wants revenge on the people who framed him. Yet when the high-stakes poker player sees the leggy Lexie, he suddenly has other desires on his mind. Realizing that Ty is innocent, Lexie tries to stop his plan for vengeance and help him become a better man. But as Ty battles his inner demons, dirty cops and criminals plot to take him out. Can he and Lexie find a way to escape the past?


“I know it’s fake but thank you, Ty. I never expected to have anything that nice and it is nice, no matter what. So thank you for giving it to me.”

He didn’t speak but his eyes changed, one of those changes I didn’t know, didn’t yet understand but this one was meaningful. They all were but this one was more meaningful than the rest.

A lot more.

And I couldn’t stop myself, his eyes so close, that look in them, my arms moved from around his shoulders, my hands framed his face, I leaned up and whispered, “Thank you.”

Then I pressed my lips to his.

I meant to give him a soft kiss of gratitude. This was not to say I didn’t want to give him a long, hard, wet kiss of something else. And just what I wanted to give him and what that would lead to had also been filling my head space the last couple of days but that wasn’t where I intended to go just then. Not yet. Not with a house full of people downstairs waiting to eat fried chicken.

But when my mouth hit his, he didn’t give me the chance to give him a soft kiss of gratitude.

Instantly, his fingers slid up into my hair, cupping my head, and his mouth opened over mine making a demand.

Mine complied. His tongue spiked into my mouth and I liked the taste of it, I hadn’t had it in what seemed like a decade, I missed it and he tasted so fucking good my body pressed into his and not just because his arm around me grew super tight.

Then I was twisted, on my back in what was, I noted vaguely and was unbelievably happy for, a bed. His torso was on mine, his hips beside mine, his long, heavy leg moved to tangle with mine as his tongue moved in my mouth. I wrapped one arm around his back, one around his shoulders, my hand moving to cup the back of his head and hold him to me.

God, he couldn’t kiss. He could kiss.


I’d woken up to my bouquet in a vase precisely where it now stood. Upon waking, after seeing Ty’s side of the bed was mussed but empty, processing the fact that I slept on top of the covers in my wedding dress, those flowers in that vase were the second thing I saw after I rolled.

And the minute I saw them, I’d frozen, blinking the sleep out of my eyes, convinced I was seeing things.

Unless Vegas had bouquet fairies as well as one-​hour tailors, there was no one but Ty who could have located a vase and put my bouquet in it while I slept the sleep of the dead. And, when I realized I wasn’t seeing things, I didn’t know what to think about Ty locating a vase and putting my bouquet in it. I didn’t know him all that well but from what I did know, this seemed a very un‑Ty‑like thing to do. Therefore, I lay in bed and stared at those roses for what had to be five minutes trying to figure out what I thought.

I got out of bed not knowing.

But I also got out of bed with a warm feeling deep in my gut that felt really, really  good as well as thinking that this fake marriage business wasn’t going to be that bad.

Sure, he didn’t talk much.

Sure, when he did, most of it was crude, but it wasn’t like I wasn’t used to that from Ronnie, Shift and their crew. In fact, Ronnie, Shift and their crew were worse.

Sure, there were important ways he was closed off. Then again, we barely knew each other. Sharing our deepest, darkest secrets within forty-​eight hours of meeting was not something to be expected. I had no idea why I poured my heart out to him last night. What I knew was, when I did, although he didn’t exactly handle me with care, he was honest. He shared his opinion and I just happened to like his opinion no matter that the realization it made me come to didn’t feel all that great. Not to mention, he’d shown himself to be wise.

Sure, he seemed to have no sense of humor but he also didn’t get ticked when I laughed when he didn’t find anything funny. And he didn’t have no sense of humor. His lips curled up last night. I saw them.

He also didn’t like smarmy men with gold chains staring at my breasts and since I didn’t like that either, I thought it was very cool that he barked at the gross guy who was checking me out making that gross guy stop checking me out.

And he had a way with a compliment.

And last, he was a really fucking good kisser.

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About Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana, and has lived in Denver, Colorado, and the West Country of England. Thus she has been blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Her posse is loopy (to say the least) but loopy is good when you want to write. Kristen was raised in a house with a large and multigenerational family. They lived on a very small farm in a small town in the heartland, and Kristen grew up listening to the strains of Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon, and Whitesnake. Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music and love was a good way to grow up. And as she keeps growing up, it keeps getting better.



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