Review: My Skylar by Penelope Ward

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Review: My Skylar by Penelope Ward four-stars

From the author of the Amazon #1 bestselling romance, Jake Undone, comes a friends-to-lovers story of longing, passion, betrayal and redemption……with a twist that will rip your heart out.

Skylar was my best friend, but I secretly pined for her. One thing after another kept us apart, and I’ve spent the last decade in fear of losing her forever.

First, it was the cancer, but she survived only to face the unthinkable at my hands. Because of me, she left town. For years, I thought I’d never see her again.

But now she’s back…and living with him.

I don’t deserve her after everything I’ve put her through, but I can’t live without her. This is my last chance, because she’s about to make the biggest mistake of her life. I can see it her eyes: she doesn’t love him. She still loves me...which is why I have to stop her before it’s too late.

My Skylar is a STANDALONE novel and a companion to Jake Undone.


4 Weeping orgasm stars!

This book is about Skylar and Mitch’s journey from childhood into adulthood. It’s about best friends, soul mates, first times, heartache, betrayal, and unconditional love. My emotions ran wild while reading this book from happy to sad to mad to swoony to thoughtful…you name it.

It’s a story about life and love and obstacles we face while growing up. Although, it must be said, Skylar and Mitch had a lot of obstacles, from broken families, to illness, to life changes and those choices and then to heartache and betrayal.

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Skylar did the best she knew how with all of the hurdles she faced but some things were just out of her control. She was one tough cookie through it all and sacrificed a lot of herself to do it. My heart ached with all she went through but it was also fun to watch this feisty girl grow into a woman.

I loved Mitch. He was so supportive and used his humor and compassion to show it. He was also so very scared to love and to feel loved. He made a lot of mistakes but redeemed himself and learned from them. My heart broke for Mitch but then pieced together while discovering his journey. He pretty much melted my heart!

I am a huge fan of Penelope Ward. Her writing is so emotional yet fun and sexy yet serious. She takes us on twists and turns that are new and fresh and breaks our hearts to piece it back together again. Bottom line is, her books are a journey worth taking!

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