KEEPIN’ IT REAL #3: Thank You Book World!

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KEEPIN’ IT REAL #3: Thank You Book World!

Just a quick post to say thank you to all who were genuine, and supportive during these past couple months.

you are my favFor the past few months I have been helping take care of my mother in law while she fought cancer. She went through HELL for many years, and on this past Mother’s Day finally lost the battle 🙁

I was putting all my time and energy into her and our family. I haven’t been reading or reviewing books. My brain just could not focus on a story.

I let my blogging/BFF girls know, and what happen next BLEW MY MIND! I started receiving messages, gifts, care packages and then some. My heart was so moved from the kindness and love, I was an emotional mess. I never could have imagined my love of reading, would bring me to meet such wonderful women. From the depths of my soul, I thank you!

I’d also like to send a thank you to the publishers, who are awesome enough to let me review for them. They have been so understanding, and have eased my worries on deadlines. Family always comes first, and its great to know that the book world supports that way of living, just as much as our family does.

Life seems to be leveling out, and I am now playing catch up! Thank you for your patience and support! MUAH <3

SHOUT OUT: Huge thanks to my girls Bethany, Sarah and Kristi for keeping our site going, and for just being plain AWESOME! Love you xo




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