Is There a Lack of Racial Diversity in the Romance Genre?

Posted February 4, 2016 by Bethany in Keepin It Real / 9 Comments

Is There a Lack of Racial Diversity in the Romance Genre?

In my opinion, YES.

A few months ago I seen a Nicholas Sparks meme floating around on Facebook. The meme had his book covers lined up, and each one showed white couples almost kissing. That got me thinking about the romance novels I’ve read and how often they featured a main character (specifically the hero of the story) that was non-caucasian.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with a white hero. Heck, I’m white and I’m married to a white guy. But you know what? I’m attracted to men of other races as well, and I think other romance readers are too. Our country and our world is made up of many different cultures and ethnicities. I wish the books we read reflected that more.

Most of the authors I read are female caucasian, so that makes me wonder if they are only writing what they know. Maybe they are not familiar or do not know how to address different races in their work. Do book sales factor into the decision of the race of the characters? Will a book featuring a non-white hero not sale as well? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Finally, I went through my Kindle and found some books I enjoyed that feature heroes of different ethnicities. Do you have any you can recommend?





9 responses to “Is There a Lack of Racial Diversity in the Romance Genre?

  1. Jennifer Lessard

    The Savage Brothers MC Series by Jordan Marie offers a couple books for sure in the series have main characters that are not caucasian. I have not read every book in the series yet but of those I have read, there are some. Breaking Dragon and Trusting Bull are 2 that come to mind right now, so maybe there are more.

  2. Elizabeth

    I love this. I love that some one points this out. And id love to read a little of any cultural. Im a white female dating a white male…however i have been with individuals of different cultures and would love to see thisnin my romance books.

  3. Rachel

    I don’t believe there is lack of diversity in romance in general, it depends on the authors you seek out. I do believe authors write what they know, and that is what makes their stories great, but there are many ethnic authors who write as well so if you are looking for diversity seek out these author’s works. I don’t feel author’s should add ethnic characters in their works just for the sake of diversity unless it fits the story, which in many cases it does, because adding diversity just for the sake of diversity can lead to a felling of non-authenticity to the writing.

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