Cover Reveal: IN HIS SHADOW by Tiffany Snow

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IN HIS SHADOW Cover Reveal: IN HIS SHADOW by Tiffany Snowby Tiffany Snow
on December 16, 2014
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Genres: Contemporary, Love & Romance, Romance, Suspense
Series: ,

Ivy Mason is hiding—from her past, from herself, and from anyone who could love her. The only kind of love she’s ever known hurts, leaving scars on her body and soul. Now, her world may be boring and predictable, but that’s exactly what she wants. Until Devon Clay walks into her life.
A lonely man in a deadly profession, Devon works as an agent for an underground British agency known only as the Shadow. Nothing about him is safe or ordinary. The danger that consumes his life turns into an addiction Ivy can’t resist…even if it proves fatal.
As Ivy’s past begins to catch up with her, she wonders if love really is the twisted thing she’s always thought it was. Maybe it could be more with this man, who’s shown her that she doesn’t need to protect herself from everyone. Is what she feels for Devon worth the risk? He may save her heart or break it, if she manages to stay alive.

All of us at LIT SLAVE are major Tiffany Snow fans, so we are excited to reveal the cover to her brand new series. The first chapter of IN HIS SHADOW can be read on Tiffany’s website. Believe me, after you read it you are going to want this book like NOW!

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About Tiffany Snow

I love to stick with characters over a series of books when I read, which is the same way I write. The Kathleen Turner Series, Risky Business Series, Tangled Ivy Trilogy, and now the Corrupted Hearts Series all feature continuing characters. My latest novel, FOLLOW ME, is book one in the Corrupted Hearts Series with China Mack–the most unlikely of heroines. BREAK ME, book two, will be out in March, 2017.

As for me, I’ve been reading romance novels since I was way too young to read such things, have an unhealthy obsession for all things Doctor Who, prefer Pepsi to Coke and Absolut to both, think men who drink girly cocktails are wusses, have learned to never stop believing in my beloved St. Louis Cardinals, and can recite the entire scripts of When Harry Met Sally and Apollo 13. George Washington is cool, Bon Jovi still rocks the house, and Bruce Willis is the ultimate alpha-male hero. Most of all, romance never, ever gets old.



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