Book Funks: Tips and advice

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Book Funks: Tips and advice



Have you ever been in a bad book funk? Yeah…me too! I just had one of the worst. I hate that feeling. Like I will never get my love of reading back. Its not rational, but its a real feeling. I started and stopped 4 books. Some were from authors I love and still…nothing. Most of the time I go into a funk because I read a epic book. Some go into funks due to their mood or just real life stuff. So I sent out a SOS to my friends and this is some of their advice.

  • Go back and read one of your all time favorites.
  • Watch Sons of Anarchy or Game of Thrones or one of your favorites shows.
  • Take a break from reading all together.
  • My tried and true. Read Kristen Ashley. She is the magic cure for us at Lit Slave <3
  • Cleanse the palette. Read something in a totally different genre. 


Do you have any advice for us? Is there a certain something that sets off your book funks?

We would love to hear from you with comments below.




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